Lucinda Robinson is a medicinal herbalist since 1973 from Palm Coast, Florida USA. She is a Messianic Nazarene believer with traceable Jewish heritage. She was called by Yehovah in 1967 and gave her life to Him in faith and obedience in June of 1970. She is married to David and has 8 grown children and 12 grandchildren. She attended Cornell University where she studied child development, nutrition, consumer advocacy, and communications. She home birthed 7 of her 8 children and homeschooled all 8 children for a total 14 years. 

She loves to study nutrition, natural, herbal, and non-invasive cures for disease, the use of essential oils and herbs for healing, the harmful effects of immunizations, vaccinations, flu shots, and innoculations, the history of the paganization and heathenization of the church, the true role of women from a Scriptural perspective, home industries, torah based counseling, Scriptural archeology, the 4,000 plus year history of Messianic Judaism, home births, home schooling, the issues surrounding modesty, the history of dress and dress design, organic gardening, and vegan cooking and raw food preparation.

Lucinda started working successfully in 2015 with vaccine damaged individuals. She published her book SHOT DETOX in 2017. In March of 2020, WHO announced a world wide epidemic/pandemic named Covid 19. Her book has helped many detox from the many deleterious effects of the various vaccinations, innoculations, immunizations, flu shots, and injections now commonly used. 

Lucinda helps individuals in their homes or care facility as a natural medical missionary to address their chronic and critical health needs as a natural health care worker. She also gives lectures and seminars at women's groups, conferences, and congregations. She does scheduled days of individual and group counseling at congregations when called upon. She receives donations for her natural medical missionary work for supplies and travel expenses.

In 2021, Lucinda opened another aspect to her counseling by offering torah based counseling to families, couples, teens, and individuals. 

Lucinda is a lay midwife and doula.

She counsels by individual appointment at her office and by phone, Skype audio and video, e-mail, and regular mail. You may contact her by e-mail at, by phone at 1-828-514-2818, by Skype at natural.herbal.therapy or by postal mail at 52 Ebb Tide Drive, Palm Coast, Florida, USA 32164.