Natural Herbal Therapy
Physical Rehabilitation
Since 1973
All Natural Regimens for Critical and Chronic Disease 
Scriptural, Whole Person Approach 

A personal healing regimen designed especially for you utilizing---

· Organic Foods
· Herbs
· Essential Oils
· Colloidal minerals 
· Enzymes, Probiotics, Fermented Foods
· Ozone therapy 
· Exercise therapy 
· Water therapy 
· Light Therapy 
· Juice therapy 
· Controlled fasting 
· Rest 
· Personal lifestyle changes 

  Specific help in the areas of cancer, leukemia, TB, AIDS, fungal skin conditions, chronic back conditions, various skin conditions, colitis and various bowel disorders, cardiac and circulatory conditions, common cold and virus, aging, pre-natal care, nervous disorders, degenerative disease, sports nutrition, parasite conditions, vaccination damage, etc.

  Lucinda Gibbs Robinson presents seminars and lectures to groups, churches and more. 

  She will travel to you to do group and individual counseling sessions when supported by congregations or individuals in congregations over a few day's period.